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Eversor is a Greek music producer and rapper. He was born in Athens and fell in love with hip hop during its golden age in the mid-1990s. His sound is heavily influenced by the boom bap feel in his drums, by the melodiousness in his bass, and ending with many obscure samples which are placed over an apothecary sound, which is made in a more futuristic way, while still reflecting the true hip hop sound.

In addition to producing music for his band (Phase3), as well as other well-known and non-known artists, Eversor became known abroad at the age of 21, producing an EP entirely of underground and indie artists from the USA and Canada (Back to the Essence EP). He collaborated with video game company Atari and author/clothing company owner Marc Ecko on the score for the graffiti video game Marc Eckō's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. In particular, he participated with Phase 3 in the lyrics and composition of the track "Getting Up hardcore theme".

He has handled the music production for international artists such as: Substance Abuse, Main Flow & Esoteric (on the self-titled album of the first, Return of the Castle), Sci-Development, Phil The Agony & Planet Asia, Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers, Crucifix Payne & Canibus , Blaq Poet of Screwball and others.
In 2010 he was selected by the European urban project Diversidad as one of the best music producers in Europe alongside Cookin Soul, Spike Miller and CHI, for the purposes of Diversidad's 2010 album.

Eversor, as a rapper and producer, has collaborated with several acclaimed artists such as Anser, Logo Apili, Eisvoleas, N.O.E, 12os Pithikos, LEX, Novel 729, Bloody Hawk, Razastarr and many more. In addition to producing music for albums, he has also edited the music production for 3 documentaries based on the culture and lifestyle of hip-hop music, thus earning valuable credits for his music. He also composes music for television documentaries and produces samples available to other music producers.