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Stay Independent is something more than a record label; it’s the alloy of groundbreaking philosophies and lifestyles. Artists whom we work with are a prime example of this principle.

We introduce a new kind of music company for a new world that -above all- demands deals to be transparent and fair. In our world, tailor-made label services to independent artists and writers are key.

We’re all about the quality of music and the quality in everything else we do. Host your record label under our network and get top-notch services and physical assistance on the demands of a modern record company, which combines publishing and recordings under one roof.

We do more than just digital distribution. We serve independent music.

Our Services


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Music Distribution

We get your music on all major platforms. Digital music distribution is a crucial part of sharing music with your fans. By partnering with a music distributor, you can upload your music and have it featured on all major platforms.


Royalties Management

Protect yourself from copyright claims on cover songs, without the hassle. We give you unparalleled flexibility to manage all types of deal structures.

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Music Publishing

We help music artists grow their fanbase and get thousands of new organic listeners. Allow us to accelerate your real fan engagement and growth through your unique creations.

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Optimized Intellectual Property Management

We offer a publishing contract that defines a successful relationship between artists and a publishing company in general. We specialize in monetizing the songs they represent and we provide substantial advances against future output. Our know-how of the music business and the strong industry relationships we have are key features for representing an artist’s work in the best possible way. The protection and management of these assets has become vital for the music industry as a whole, requiring set of practices and processes that are encompassed within field of Intellectual Property Management (IPM).

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Advanced Digital Marketing

When it comes to Digital Music Marketing, we promise to deliver tangible and real results, as we develop and execute a solid online marketing strategy, using established and innovative marketing techniques. Our Data-driven professionals are ready to back you up with audience insights and analytics analysis.


Artist Development & Branding

A dedicated in-house team working on your behalf 24/7. Our personalized approach to your music career will help you not only to develop your brand name but also find your way to sustainable financial success while staying true to your artistic identity. We take your development seriously by bringing you together with the most creative minds in the music industry, from music producers to video directors and marketers.



We work closely with recording artists and other professionals in the music industry through every financial and tax aspect of their musical career: full-service accounting, tax preparation, tax compliance, and consulting services for recording artists, musicians, and bands, recording labels, and other creative businesses.

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Music Marketing and A&R

Above all, we aim to help our artists build their own commercially viable product, establish a fan base, attain critical music business skills and create well-produced music and long-lasting videos. Artist branding and A&R is the starting point of a professional career in the music industry.

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Art Direction

As a highly experienced team, we can take your project from design through print or web. Art Direction Services has on staff creative designers and specialists with a reputation for delivering the level of design needed while being patient and easy to work with.

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Legal Representation

It is prudent for every artist to seek the services of an experienced music lawyer, before entering into any negotiations and agreements, including management, publishing, record, merchandising, sponsorship contracts, etc.). We are here to support your legal representation for any deal.


Media Management & Networking

Managing the media is tricky. Media relations, press releases, and social media presence tailored by experienced specialists in press material and social media content. Moreover, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner, delivering quality campaigns to, influencers, curators, digital platforms, and radio stations.

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Audiovisual production services

We take care of every technical aspect of audio and visual needs. We use state-of-the-art studios and equipment to achieve the best results.

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A vital part of the Stay Independent facilities in Marousi, Athens is our in-house studio. Designed with pure love for music and staffed with experienced sound engineers and producers, the Stay Independent studio already offers top-notch services to both acclaimed artists and rising talents.

Don't hesitate to contact us and have a full sound experience in the heart of Stay Independent.

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