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Tiny Jackal
Tiny Jackal
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Tiny Jackal was born in 1983 in the city of Sparta, Greece but grew up in the neighbourhoods of Piraeus and mainly in Korydallos, where he lives up until today. He started listening to Rap back in 1995 and it took him 3 years until he started being actively involved with the culture in 1998.“Actively” involved was an understatement. More like Heavily involved, as in the past 20 years he has created and participated in numerous music projects, such as E13, Antarta, Scripta Manent, M.O.V., Ntopaz 18120, Rhymeshot and Fullface.

He has collaborated with key personalities of the Greek Hip Hop scene, such as Anser, Dimitris Mentzelos, DJ Alx, Killah-P, Megas, Thanassimos among others, but also with artists from different music genres such as Spyros Grammenos, Srelios Salvador, Stavros Ntantous, Los Tiganos and more..

He has participated but also organised hundreds of shows throughout Greece and has also performed alongside huge international Hip Hop acts such as M.O.P., Onyx, Members of the Wu Tang, Swollen Members, Masta Ace. He has released numerous singles to various labels, with his latest music house being #nofucksgiven, counting millions of views on YouTube.
He also has 4 LP’s under his belt, with his most recent work being “Atmosfaira”, released in early 2019.

Tiny Jackal is a trademark figure in the Greek Hip Hop community, both through his 20 year musical career, but also through his social and commonwealth work and intense anti-fascist activity.